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4-star hotel restaurant
in Burgundy

A family history...

The story of the Château de Courban began in 1820. It was built in the Burgundy countryside, on the frontier between Champagne and Chablis, on the ruins of a château that had been destroyed during the French Revolution. The mansion stood out proudly with its walls made from local stone. A dovecot, barn, forests and meadows round off this perfect country scene. Decades went by and the building resisted the ravages of time. 

In 1998, a new page in its history was written. The Vandendriessche family fell under the charm of the site and the surrounding Burgundy countryside and became the owners of the Château de Courban. Pierre and Christine decided to live there and undertook major renovation work to make Courban a warm and welcoming family home. Pierre, a born interior decorator, created an elegant and simple "countryside chic" atmosphere for each room. The "sleeping beauty" arose from its ashes to become a wonderful holiday destination. The spirit of Courban has come to life again.

A chance visit from a hunting party, looking for a roof for the night, and the wish to share this haven of peace and the art of living prompted the Vandendriessche family to turn the mansion into a guest house (2000), then a 4-star hotel (2004) with a spa (2011) and a Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurant (since 2018). The wonderful story of Courban is almost 200 years old and is now continuing with Frédéric and Jérôme, Pierre and Christine's children. Each generation shares an attachment to the building and the region. Mylène, Frédéric's wife, has joined them to share in the beautiful adventure.

Marvellous Story

Today, the Château de Courban is a 4-star hotel with a gastronomic restaurant and a Nuxe spa. The hotel is proud of its past and has preserved the soul of bygone days, as well as the welcoming values that are so dear to the Vandendriessche family.

They embody French-style hospitality, combining charm with traditional and refined elegance. In these walls, between Burgundy, Champagne and Chablis, guests from France and Europe always feel at home and enjoy the relaxing, 4-star lifestyle in the countryside. 

We are happy to welcome you to the Château de Courban for an unforgettable stay.