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The Chef's cuisine

In Burgundy, the Chef has skilfully combined two exceptional gastronomic cultures. In each of his creations, he gives pride of place to regional produce that is known all over the world for its richness and quality. Fruit, vegetables, cheeses matured by Sylvain, the master cheesemaker, meat and poultry… He knows all the local farmers, who share his love for high quality. 

In the evening, your gastronomic journey can begin with "Bio d’Or lentils and French Caviar, Moruno prawns, light Brillat-Savarin cream and waffle", continuing with "Aube lamb and morel mushrooms, roast saddle of lamb on morel duxelles, white asparagus grilled over embers, new turnips, Sichuan leaves, seasoned gravy", and concluding with the delicious "Haute-Marne strawberry with garden rosemary, 'butterfly' strawberry-raspberry-chocolate, crème brûlée, light mousse and meringue, and rosemary flower sorbet".

A country chic spirit

The Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurant at the Château de Courban is near Chatillon-sur-Seine, between Burgundy and Champagne, in a delightful countryside setting.

The barn has been turned into a beautiful, light-filled orangery that is a great setting for meals. From your attractively decorated table, you can admire the Italian-style gardens of the Château de Courban. At dusk, as if by magic, the scene springs into light. This is a poetic invitation for a wonderful gastronomic adventure in Burgundy. In winter, a lovely fire crackles in the fireplace. In spring, the vast terrace is the idyllic setting for a gastronomic Sunday lunch in the open air.

Open every evening from 7 pm to 9.30 pm
Open on Sundays from noon to 1.30 pm

The Château de Courban restaurant partners

  • Flowers and Herbs: the château vegetable garden
  • Green organic lentils: Ollin Family
  • Aspargus: Earl du Joli Bois
  • Mushroom-picking: Père Bret
  • Brewery: Brasserie de Vauclair la Choue
  • Salted meat: La Petite Ferme
  • Market gardener: Maternaud
  • Flour – Label Rouge: Dijon
  • Mustard: La Moutarderie Fallot
  • Burgundy hazelnut flour: La Cazette
  • Cheeses: Les Fromages de Sylvain Steve
  • Butcher: Huguier Frères
  • Foie Gras: Maison Masse
  • Caviar: Maison Sturia

Chef's Kitchen Garden

The Chef cherishes his kitchen garden like a treasure. Under the skies of Burgundy, he patiently grows plants from Japan.

The alchemy is both surprising and tasty.

Not far away, the Courban hens lay fine, delicious eggs each day, adding a vital element to the chef's cuisine.